Experience Real Time A.I Filtering Of Phobia-Inducing Images(i.e Snakes and Spiders)
With PhobiaDeflector

The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence, An A.I Trained Image Recognition Model that is installed right in your browser, automatically filtering unwanted images for you.


Amazing Features

PhobiaDeflector guarantees you these
features on its installation.

Background Code Execution

PhobiaDeflector once installed runs in the background.

Constant Execution

Phobia Deflector runs constantly with no downtime filtering and blocking images.

Real Time Blocking Of Images

Blocks and get rid of phobia-inducing images on all sites you visit.

Runs On All Sites

PhobiaDeflector runs on all sites you visit guaranteeing no phobia-inducing images are viewed.

Highly Secure

PhobiaDeflector is very secure and safe guarded against third party attacks.

Image Category Filter Box

PhobiaDeflector has a filterable checkbox option in its popup that enable's you to select the categories of images to be filtered out.


What You Get with Phobia Deflector in Version 1.0?

These are some of the stunning features and functionalities you will get while using Phobia Deflector.

  • An Image Recognition Filter For Detection Of Phobia-Inducing Images like Snakes and Spiders.
  • A Filter Check Box For Selecting Type Of Images To Filter Against.
  • Notifications To Indicate Saved Data.
  • Speedy Blocking Of Images.
  • Constant Background Filtering of Images Upon Installation.
  • Runs And Filters Images On All Web-Sites.
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